Even before I came to this country, God had already introduced me about TBC. God’s plan for me and my family is unbelievable. His timing is always on time. I met Pastor Dan along with his friends from TBC on Judson Sunday at Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church in 2013; it was the day before we came to Richmond. I could feel the warmth and kindness of TBC through Pastor Dan even before I actually came to Richmond and participate in TBC. I introduced myself and told Pastor Dan that my family and I will come to Richmond the next day. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him when I reach Richmond. Before I got the chance to meet with Pastor Dan and fellows, our first departure date to come to U.S was postponed and; at that time, I was so upset about it. I could not understand why God let it happened. However, later I could see God’s preparation for my family to be part of this Church because if it wasn’t postponed, I would not get the opportunity to meet with Pastor Dan and TBC.  

On our first Sunday, I could feel the peace in the church when I enter the church’s sanctuary. I have never felt like this before in my life. I can see the love of God when I look at the faces of TBC’s church members. Rev. Sterling welcomed us warmly and introduced to the congregation. I was surprised when I saw different ethnic groups from Burma and I felt this church is the right place for me to worship to God. Even though TBC has congregation of different ethnicities, skin colors, languages, and cultures, they welcomed everyone including our family with bright smiles regardless of differences.

I could still remember my experience of the very first Sunday at TBC that I discovered this church is filled with God’s love, peace, and praises. The church’s program is also similar to the way we worshiped in my church back in Burma. Especially when I listen to the choir, the words give me strength for my faith in God. Sterling’s sermons guide me the way of a Christian life. I don’t know how to express well but every time I attend TBC, I can get full sense of worship to God and fellowship with God. Here I testify that TBC has drawn me nearer to God. I am very grateful to be part of TBC. I love Tabernacle Baptist Church!

– Harrison Lahpai


I pray for the success in ministering different ethnicities.

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