There will be Special Called Business Meeting (voting only) for the purpose of seeking approval of several important items recommended by the Administrative Board and the Ad Hoc Constitution Committee. The ballot will be available through the Tab Weekly and on the website on Thursday, October 1 with voting closed at 5 PM on Wednesday, October 7.

There will be a Town Hall meeting with Administrative Board leadership on Wednesday, September 30 from 8-9 PM.

Topics requiring congregational approval include:

  • Fiscal Year change
  • Use of God-sized Vision Funds for Atrium
  • Establishing Finance Committee as a Standing Committee
  • Amendments to Church Bylaws 

Several documents with additional details are available for your review: 

One thought on “CHURCH VOTE: October 7

  1. Hello, question: Regarding the God sized vision fund; John and I would like to know if those funds are still invested and if interest is still being accrued? Years ago we wondered and Nelson Melton called us to report the funds had been invested so interest could grow. If the bank or financial institution still the same as back then; some banks have changed and/or merged. We had contributed to this fund. Thank you.

    A big thank you to the committees and subcommittees who worked to make this fund profitable and safe for the use of the big C church (Tabernacle.)

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