As we journey through this Lenten season, particularly this season in the time of pandemic, examining what it means to be a people of God in this time and in our various places, we ask you to consider participating in the Community Ministry of Tabernacle Baptist Church.  Use this Lenten prayer calendar to guide you. Your gifts are appreciated by them and by the Community Ministry Team and our neighbors. Your prayers mean the world to us. 

March 17
Today is St. Patrick’s Day. In the United States we celebrate this day with corned beef and cabbage. Add some canned meat, or a box of potatoes, or something green to commemorate the day. Pray for those for whom holidays are just like every other day. Give thanks for the celebrations in you life.

March 18
Pray for all of our neighbors, the ones who partner with us in ministry by giving and receiving. Add some cans of vegetables to your bag. Think of it as sharing from your garden. Give thanks that you have more that you need from your labors.

March 19
Today is someone’s birthday. Put a cake mix or brownie mix or flour or sugar in your bag so that they can have a treat to share with their family as they celebrate. Give thanks for all your birthdays.

March 20
Today is Saturday, our food pantry and clothes closet are open.  Add some spices (anything you use regularly, even if it is just salt and pepper, or hot sauce), to your bag. Pray that these will add to the pleasure to someone. Give thanks for all the people who add spice to your life.

March 21 
Sunday is a feast day during Lent. Add canned fruit or fruit cups to your bag. Pray for someone for whom fresh fruit is a real treat. Give thanks that apples and oranges are often in a bowl on your table.

March 22        
Pray for someone who spends time on the weather. Put some lotion in your bag to soothe their skin. Give thanks for all of the things that soothe you body and soul April 23        Pray for someone who is sad. Add something to your bag that could bring a smile to someone’s face. A soft tissue, a bag of candy, a good tea bag, a bag of beef jerky, a nice bar of soap.  Give thanks for the little things that make you smile.

More about Community Ministry here.

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