We are living through a strange time of isolation and anxiety and we’re all having mightily different experiences. Some of us find our schedules empty, with cancelled plans, lost jobs, while others are overwhelmed as life and work and school all collide into one place. Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself, it seems we are all seeking new ways of surviving, of thriving, of sustaining ourselves and our souls in this new time.

This is what the Soul Care Project is all about.

The Soul Care Project is a six week digital series promoting practices that help us care for our soul by connection with ourselves, God, and the world. There are no boxes to check or things that must be done, just an invitation to contemplate with us each week’s theme and how shows up in your life. Each theme will be introduced on the podcast on Wednesday (posted below), with poetry, writings and images posted on Tabernacle’s Facebook and Instagram throughout the following week.  

Join us, as we seek to find new rhythms for this strange time, as we allow ourselves to become more fully human, and to connect more deeply with God. 

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